Bystronic Introduces ByStar 12kW Fiber Laser Cutter

Bystronic Introduces ByStar 12kW Fiber Laser Cutter

High Performance Innovation Redefined

In order to optimally support sheet metal fabricators amid growing competition, Bystronic introduces the next level of power in Fiber laser cutting: the innovative, high performance ByStar Fiber laser cutter with 12kW power. High cutting dynamics, thin to thick cutting capabilities, seamless automation solutions, intelligent sensor technology, and the integration into modern software systems is all possible with the new ByStar Fiber 12kW. 

With the 12kW laser, the ByStar Fiber’s cutting speeds increase up to 20 percent when laser cutting with nitrogen. This increases productivity throughout the full range of sheet thicknesses from .125 inch to 1.125 inch.

Exceptional cutting quality in thick plate cutting with BeamShaper

Bystronic has also developed the innovative “BeamShaper” function. “BeamShaper” allows for an ideal adjustment of the laser beam profile to cut thick steel plate with diverse material characteristics. In steel materials up to 1.125 inch, the new function raises the quality of the cut surface and increases the cutting speed by up to 20 percent when cutting with oxygen.

“BeamShaper” enables faster cutting with exceptional edge quality in thick steel plate.
“BeamShaper” enables faster cutting with exceptional edge quality in thick steel plate.
Patented triangle cutting bridge design delivers 40 percent higher acceleration while utilizing X/Y linear drives.
Patented triangle cutting bridge design delivers 40 percent higher acceleration while utilizing X/Y linear drives.

High performance BySoft 7 Software

Modern sheet metal processing without high-performance software is unimaginable today. With BySoft 7, Plant Manager, and Bystronic MES, Bystronic offers solutions that facilitate a digitally networked manufacturing environment that guides users from the incoming order to the finished part, in a fast and efficient workflow.

Simple operation 

Powerful Bystronic ByVision Cutting interface controls the entire manufacturing process with a few swipes of the finger. While cutting, ByVision provides the user with the most important process and machine data, including current cutting plans, position of the cutting head and machine status.

Real-time data

Optional ByCockpit monitors Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and provides managers with a tool to measure machine performance, manufacturing efficiency and availability. Software is accessible by web-enabled terminals such as desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Standard on the machine, the OPC UA interface provides data communication capabilities for real-time data analysis.

ByCockpit is a new app developed by Bystronic that analyzes and visualizes the process data associated with sheet metal fabricating and helps to identify opportunities in the production process in real time.

The company behind the technology.

The company behind the technology is as important as the technology itself. Bystronic recognizes that it’s not just about the machine, but it’s also about the company. A leader in the machine tool industry,  we bring an extensive history in the manufacture of quality machine products with proven machine performance to the market. 

Bystronic delivers: 

  • Dedicated training and applications teams.  
  • Dedicated service and laser application hotlines.  
  • Nationwide factory service network for local support.  
  • Regional service managers ensuring local customer satisfaction.  

Adopting new technology best practices can differentiate your business.  To learn more about the new ByStar 12kW Fiber laser, email: slssbystrnccm

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