FABTECH Canada 2018

FABTECH Canada 2018

Experience new and innovative high-performance manufacturing solutions.

Innovation is at the core of the ByStar Fiber 3015 with 10kW Fiber laser. The machine has been designed from the ground up to meet the demands from high-speed fiber laser cutting as well as cutting capabilities into the thick plate range. With its uncompromising high-end performance, ByStar Fiber is designed for users who want to rely fully on fiber laser technology.

To satisfy the increasing demand for high-speed, mobile bending systems, Bystronic will introduce the Xpert 80 Mobile Press Brake. With a bending length up to 60 inches and a press capacity of 88 U.S. Tons, the Xpert 80 opens up a wide spectrum of applications for bending complex, small and medium size parts.

High-performance software is fundamental to modern sheet metal processing. Bystronic’s BySoft 7 software represents a new generation of easy-to-use design and manufacturing software that keeps pace with high productivity downstream equipment.

Manufacturing Execution System (Bystronic MES) is a new software solution developed by Bystronic that creates digital transparency across the entire process chain. Bystronic MES allows users to plan, direct and evaluate work flows according to defined timelines.

Machine demonstrations will be ongoing throughout the show. Looking forward to seeing you! 

For more information, contact Bystronic Canada by e-mail,   slscndbystrnccm

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