Experience “Innovation Drives Success – The Future of High Performance Manufacturing”

Experience “Innovation Drives Success – The Future of High Performance Manufacturing”

September 2017

See why Bystronic continues to be the leader in high performance manufacturing technologies and your key to competitive differentiation.

New and innovative high-performance solutions that cover the full spectrum of file-to-part manufacturing will be introduced during FABTECH 2017, November 6-9 at McCormick Place, Chicago IL. 

See high precision fiber laser cutting and bending machines, material handling automation, robot bending automation, and software technologies that are driving fabrication companies to new levels of productivity, profitability, and success. Also, Bystronic's ByFinances will offer highly competitive and innovative financing options that make owning a Bystronic a reality.

ByStar Fiber 10kW Laser Cutter with Automation Designed for Fiber. Unrivaled for Speed. Innovation is at the core of the 10kW ByStar Fiber laser cutter. ByStar Fiber is designed from the ground up to meet the demands from high-speed fiber laser cutting as well as capabilities into the thick plate range. The machine is built for users who want to rely fully on fiber laser technology, from stainless steel through to aluminum and mild steel, to non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.  

 ByStar Fiber will be demonstrated with the ByTrans Extended automated material loading/unloading system.

ByStar Fiber 3015 10kW
Mobile Bending Cell

NEW – Mobile Bending Cell
High-Speed Bending meets Robot Automation

Mobile robot automation meets high-speed bending with the new Xpert 40 Mobile Bending Cell, a compact solution for automated as well as manual bending that supports today’s fluctuating lot sizes and varying part complexities. 

Xpert 80 Mobile Press Brake

NEW – Xpert 80 Mobile Press Brake 
High-Speed Mobile Bending with Increased Bending Length and Press Capacity

To satisfy the increasing demand for high-speed, mobile bending systems, Bystronic will introduce the Xpert 80 Mobile Press Brake. With a bending length of up to 60 inches and a press capacity of 88 U.S. Tons, the Xpert 80 opens up a wide spectrum of applications for bending complex, small and medium size parts.

Xact Smart 160 Press Brake

NEW – Xact Smart 160
The Smart Choice in Performance Bending

The Xact Smart 160 Press Brake combines high bend accuracy with advanced features in an affordable, high-value package that enables a fast entry into bending technology. Xact Smart 160 is now available with a 5-axis back gauge, extended open height, and Energy Saver.

Xpert Tool Changer

Xpert Tool Changer
The Set-up Accelerator

Bystronic is expanding the bending process with automated tool changing. The Xpert Tool Changer with integrated 6-axis robot is a compact automation solution for users who want to save set-up time and increase productivity. Operators can prepare for the next job while the robot changes the tooling. The ability to work simultaneously, and with tooling located directly at the press brake, saves up to 70% in set-up time.

BySmart Fiber 3kW Fiber Laser Cutter

BySmart Fiber
Bridging Performance with Lower Investment Costs

BySmart Fiber is designed for users who are looking for quality machine performance at a lower investment cost. This fiber laser cutter is available in 2kW, 3kW or 4kW Fiber laser power and with optional ByTrans automated material loading/unloading system. The machine platform not only facilitates speed, it delivers outstanding cutting results with just a few operating steps.

BySoft 7 Software

BySoft 7
Make It Easy

High-performance software is fundamental to modern sheet metal processing. Bystronic’s “Make It Easy” BySoft 7 software represents a new generation of design and manufacturing software that keeps pace with high productivity downstream equipment. 

Bystronic MES Software

NEW – Bystronic MES Software
The Ultimate Navigation System for Production Management 

The Bystronic Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is the ultimate navigation system for production management. Users manage individual manufacturing steps according to defined timelines, and realize potential process improvement possibilities.

NEW – ByCockpit
Real-time Information for Sheet Metal Processing 

ByCockpit, a new app developed by Bystronic, provides real-time analysis and visualization of the data associated with sheet metal processing. ByCockpit visualizes selected key indicators regarding machine performance and manufacturing efficiency.

In manufacturing, rising above the status quo requires innovative machinery and innovative thinking. Innovation is the driver of high performance manufacturing and the key to competitive differentiation. Innovative thinking is at the core of Bystronic solutions. We recognize it is no longer how a single piece of machinery will affect the fabrication process, but how all the machines and supporting software technologies work together to create a cohesive and effective fabrication solution. Visit Bystronic during FABTECH 2017 at BOOTH A1819 .

About Bystronic

Bystronic Inc. has offered customers single source service expertise for over 35 years. They provide innovative laser cutting, waterjet cutting and press brake systems, system software and comprehensive customer training and support. The company’s North American headquarters is located in Elgin, IL. Offices are also located in Toronto, Canada and Monterrey, Mexico.  For more information on Bystronic Inc.  e-mail
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