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• Imagine being able to move your press brake production to where you need it, when you need it.
• Imagine your press brake production flow without interruption
• Imagine increasing your bending capabilities for more complex parts
• Imagine simply producing more parts per minute
• Imagine obtaining higher production rates at the same time reducing operator fatigue
• Imagine reducing your learning curve to nearly zero
• Imagine a press brake that embraces quality as a standard feature

Xpert 40 is the compact high speed machine for cost-effective small parts.

Xpert 40

POWERFUL: Fiber laser cutting machines are capable of producing blanks about twice as fast as the classic CO2. “Turbo-charged” multi-axis back gauge control and multi-axis ram speeds, automatic tool clamping, Optical Bend Guiding, automatic interference checking, automatic tool overload protection, touch screen controller and integrated visual point of operation guarding are standard, and enable the Xpert 40 to maintain the pace in sheet metal fabricating.

Fastest press brake of its size on the market with 12% more bends per hour (BPH) than hybrid and electric brakes

Production: Typical Press Brake Production vs Xpert 40 Press Brake 

Typical press brake production = 622 BPH*
Typical High Dynamic Electric or Hybrid press brake production = 916 BPH*
Xpert 40 production = 1,028 BPH*

*Bends per Hour (BPH)


• Maximum processing speed through upper ram and back gauge acceleration

• Ideal when space is limited and capacities vary

• ByMotion drive control system ensures finely tuned interplay between speed, precision and power

• Process-controlled drive unit reduces power consumption by up to 30%

• Flexible tool selection and a press capacity of up to 44 US tons offers a wide range of application

• Operational or mobile in less than five minutes

• Individually customizable workspace

• High operator efficiency through ergonomic design and individual adaptable workspace

• Simple, intuitive, user-friendly ByVision bending control with 22-inch touch screen

• Fast Bend E safety system

Xpert 40 - Tooling Station

SELF-CONTAINED: TheXpert 40 combines the entire setup and production from one single station which greatly reduces non-productive bending time. Flexible tool selection and a press capacity of up to 44 US tons offer a wide range of applications from thin and thicker material.

Xpert 40 - ByVision controller

USER FRIENDLY: Nearly 100% of the ByVision face is dedicated to visual instruction. It incorporates an artificial intelligence system that anticipates and automatically  corrects typical bend angle and bend allowance errors BEFORE they occur.

Xpert 40 - 6-axis back gauge

HIGHEST APPLICATION VERSATILITY: 6-axis back gauge control enables the efficient bending of complex parts. This ultra-high performance system can produce almost any sheet metal shape you can imagine.

Xpert 40 - Plug & Bend

PORTABLE:  Xpert 40 is ideal when space is limited and capacities vary. Moveable on demand to temporary locations. No dismounting. No leveling. Just Plug-n-Bend.


Technical Specifications

Tonnage 44 tons
Bending length 40.551 in
Standard stroke (S) 7.874 in
Open height (D) 20.276 in
Distance between side frames 41.732 in
Table width 2.362 in
Back gauge system 3 and 6 axes
Max. back gauge range X-axis 19.685 in
X-axis travel 11.811 in
X-axis speed 3543 in/min
R-axis travel 3.937 in
R-axis speed 1811 in/min
Z-axis travel 37.598 in
Z-axis speed 4724 in/min
Max. Y-approach speed 708 in/min
Max. Y-working speed 59 in/min
Y-position accuracy 0.00039 in
Hydraulic tool clamping Optional
Oil capacity 26.4 gal
Electric supply 7.5 kW
Weight 8818 lbs
Length, approx. (L) 60 in
Width, approx. (W) 65 in
Height, approx. (H) 96 in

The technical data can vary in different countries, according to the security rules and the chosen configuration of the machine.


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