Technology Twins:

High-Speed Cutting meets High-Speed Bending

High speed lasers have made a significant impact on the sheet metal industry. The speeds obtained with Fiber lasers are up to 300% faster than the industry standard 4kW CO2, so it is inevitable that there will be production challenges in downstream operations like bending the cut parts. The electric press brake is two times more productive than a conventional hydraulic press brake and can keep up with the production challenges posed by the Fiber laser.

At Bystronic we have identified our BySprint Fiber and our Xcite 80 E electric press brake as “The Technology Twins” for their perfect matching of throughput capabilities in sheet metal fabrication. While each technology is independently a differentiator, having both working together is a real “game changer” for our customers.

Reduce your part costs and maintain the speed advantages from BySprint Fiber cut parts with the Xcite 80 E high-speed electric press brake.

BySprint Fiber 3015 Technology Advantages

  • Up to 300% faster cutting speeds in thin materials
  • 30% electrical efficiency reduces power consumption by up to 60%
  • Efficiency and Fiber to Fiber design reduces operating costs by 50%
  • No mirrors to maintain
  • Less cost per part and more parts cut per hour

Xcite 80 E Electric Press Brake Technology Advantages

  • Up to 2 times greater ram acceleration and approach speed
  • Up to 2.5 times faster working speed
  • Up to 2 times faster back gauge axis speed
  • No hydraulic fluid to maintain
  •  Less cost per part and more parts formed per hour

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