ByTube Star 130

ByTube Star 130

All you need for your tube laser business. Quality and performance in one machine – now also for open sections.

  • The easiest step into the tube laser process: Established technology, user-friendly interface (ByVision Tube), one machine does it all without set up/change over
  • Fully automatic set up also with open profiles and ellipses: From 0.4 – 5.1 in full range also for open profiles; no down time for set up so more time for cutting; less human mistakes and more safety for the operators
  • Quick cut – performance and quality in just one feature: Additional linear axis of the cutting head for highest speed and quality in every cutting circumstances; quality guaranteed also with very small tubes
  • Laserscan and active tube support during the cutting process: Real time compensation of tube bending to improve cutting precision; accuracy also for low quality material and with minor impact on process speed
  • Machine configurations suitable for every logistics need: The machine can be left hand or right hand depending on specific flow of the material; cost reduction thanks to optimization of space and logistic operation

ByTube Star


Min. Tube length (with automatic loading)

98.4 in

Max. Tube length

255.9 – 334.6 in

Max. Tube weight

37.5 lbs/m

Tube sections

U C L O £ 0

Dimensions round sections (min. – max.)

Ø 0.4 – 5.1 in

Dimensions rectangular sections (min. – max.)

0.4 x 0.4 – 5.1 x 5.1 in

Dimensions other closed sections (min-max length of the sides)

0.4 x 0.4 – 5.1 x 5.1 in

Max. linear speed of axis X / Y / Z

656.16 / 196.8 / 196.8 ft/min

Max. rotation speed of mandrels

250 r.p.m.

Max. piece length unloading system

78.7 – 157.5 – 240.2 in

X, Y and Z axis positioning precision*

± 0,003 in

Number of controlled axis


Machine weight**

22 046.2 lbs

Numeric Control

ByVision Tube

* According to ISO 230-2:2014(E)
** Entire plant without extraction, cooling unit and bowl feeder

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