BySoft CAM Bend Robot

BySoft CAM Bend Robot

The comprehensive and high-performance programming software for automated bending. With the BySoft CAM Bend Robot, you control and simulate the robotics that are integrated into Bystronic’s bending automation solutions.

What is the BySoft CAM Bend Robot?

The BySoft CAM Bend Robot is a software solution for the macro programming of bending robots, which form a part of Bystronic’s bending automation. With the BySoft CAM Bend Robot’s 3D user interface, users create and simulate the required automation steps within an offline programming environment. This includes automated bending procedures as well as the loading of the parts that are to be bent and the unloading and stacking of the completed bent parts. The BySoft CAM Bend Robot is based on the data of the parts to be bent that are programmed in BySoft CAM and is directly integrated into the BySoft CAM programming process.

Customer benefits

  • Integrated programming of robots and the parts that are to be bent
  • Process-oriented and intuitive operator guidance
  • Efficient generation of programs thanks to automated programming procedures and integrated test functions
  • Direct interfacing of robot programming with the programming process in BySoft CAM for the parts that are to be bent