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Digital real-time information for sheet metal production. The ByCockpit keeps up to date with selected key indicators on the machine performance, manufacturing efficiency, and material stock.

  • Full transparency regarding productivity and optimization potential. Real-time monitoring provides key indicators on all the integrated Bystronic cutting and bending machines (with OPC UA interface)
  • Unique widget  design enables a global overview of the production processes and detailed views of the machine performance, machine utilization, productive and maintenance times, and material stock in the warehouse 
  • The ideal configuration for every user. A wide range of widgets enables individualized selection of key indicators and combination of detailed views in the ByCockpit using the drag and drop  principle 
  • Monitoring of key indicators at any time and from anywhere. As a web application, the ByCockpit is available on virtually all mobile devices


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Live monitoring for everyone

BystronicWorld 1, 2017

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