Xpert 40 & Xpert 80

Xpert 40 & Xpert 80

Compact speed machine for small and medium-sized parts

  • Maximum process speed via high acceleration of the upper beam and back gauge
  • Ideal when there’s a shortage of space and capacities fluctuate: The machine can be operational or mobile in less than five minutes
  • Process controlled reduces electric power consumption by up to 30 percent and decreases wear
  • Flexible tool selection and press capacity of up to 88 US tons offer a wide range of application
  • High ease of use through ergonomic design and individual customizable work environment
  • With new feature Optical Tool Detection: Cameras recognize the data matrix codes on the tools and report if any deviances are detected.
Xpert 40 80
Tonnage 44 US tons 88 US tons
Bending length 3.4 ft 5.0 ft
Open height 20.28 in 20.28 in
Standard stroke 7.9 in 7.9 in
Max. high speed 9.84 in/s 11.8 in/s
Max. working speed 0.975 in/s 0.975 in/s

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