ByTrans Extended

ByTrans Extended

Intelligent solutions for loading and unloading laser cutting systems

  • Fast job processing because automatic loading and unloading decreases set-up times 
  • Much higher machine utilization for only a slightly higher investment
  • The ByTrans Extended design has not just one but two cassettes, thereby making the machine system even more autonomous
  • Flexible use. Not just for storage/return transfer but also for large parts removal as well as the preparation of plastic protective separators, which are placed between the metal sheets by the system 
  • Entry into lightly-manned parts production
  • ByTrans Extended is optionally available in the following formats: 120 × 60 inch and 157 × 78 inch

Cassette Changer

  • Enhanced autonomy: The option “Cassette Changer” extends the range of functions for the removal of finished cut parts and residual sheets on the ByTrans Extended automation system

ByTrans 3015 Extended 4020 Extended
Nominal sheet size 120 × 60 in 157 × 78 in
Load sheet metal thickness 0.030–1.00 in 0.030–0.750 in
Unload sheet metal thickness 0.030–1.00 in 0.030–0.750 in
Maximum sheet weight 1962 lbs 2866 lbs
Number of cassettes 2 2
Large parts removal x x
Insert protective separators x x
Cassette Changer

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