Waterjet Cutting System ByJet Smart

The economical one proves: Capacity and quality are not a question of money

Customer benefits

  • Up to two fully automatic CNC-controlled and monitored cutting heads (ByJet Pro technology) ensure short throughput times
  • Low purchase price thanks to focus on the essential
  • High efficiency of the pump and long service intervals keep operating costs low
  • High-end assemblies and materials for long-lasting high precision
  • Minimal set-up space due to integrated components as well as good accessibility from several sides

Key technical values

ByJet Smart 3015
Number of cutting heads 1 or 2
Maximum positioning speed parallel to the x, y axis 20 m/min
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 28 m/min
Positioning accuracy ± 0,08 mm/axis
Repeatability ± 0,025 mm/axis
Maximum cutting range for flat processing 3068 x 1544 mm
Maximum workpiece weight on cutting grid (standard grid slats)** 1600 kg/m2
Maximum workpiece thickness 200 mm
** Statistical load of new grid slats
Waterjet cutting is a technology that can do everything. Walter Maurer, President Waterjet AG
Ronny Retzlaff, Betriebsleiter Genthner SystemTechnology

Always at the ready

Walter Maurer’s Waterjet AG is one of the largest companies in Switzerland that uses waterjet cutting. And this has a great deal to do with efficient work organization and industrial thought processes.

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(BystronicWorld 1, 2012)


Grammar Practice with the Byjet Smart

Volunteering as a test customer for a machine innovation can be a blessing or a curse. In this article you will find out how Genthner SystemTechnologie’s opinion turns out. For half a year the ByJet Smart waterjet cutting system was tested under high pressure in the company from Baden-Württemberg.

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(Bystronic World Special Edition 2012)


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