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BySoft 7

Modular CAD/CAM software with 2D and 3D CAD as well as extensive functions for scheduling and monitoring manufacturing processes

Modern sheet metal processing without high-performance software is unimaginable these days. BySoft 7 offers a comprehensive range of functions and is still easy to operate. With BySoft 7, the user can quickly and easily design tailored parts and create cutting plans and bending programs with the push of a button. Furthermore, manufacturing processes are scheduled and monitored efficiently, thus maintaining an overview and finishing jobs quickly and economically.

Customer benefits

  • Existing drawings and models can be input, edited, and processed easily
  • Reduction in parts costs, because BySoft 7 automatically nests parts perfectly. Raw materials are used in their entirety. This also applies to the processing of tubes and profiles
  • Cutting plans and bending programs can be perfectly created with the push of a button. The correct cutting technology is automatically set and the bending process is automatically simulated and monitored
  • Offers comprehensive options for scheduling and monitoring manufacturing processes
  • Provides maximum transparency because all machine and job data are always available
  • Efficient connection to ERP/PPS systems

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+ BySoft 7 Bending

+ BySoft 7 Tube Cutting

+ BySoft 7 Plant Manager

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Greater net worth thanks to software

The right software pays off, because the right software makes a company more productive and profitable. Here is the proof.

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(BystronicWorld 1, 2011)

It is important that the processes be depicted correctly in the system at all times. Achim Patz, Head of Laser Technology and Sheet Metal Processing, Huning Maschinenbau

Simple, user-friendly and fast controller for laser and waterjet systems as well as pressbrakes (Hämmerle 3P, Xpert, and Xcite)

ByVision is the high-performance controller developed by Bystronic for laser and waterjet cutting systems and pressbrakes. It stands for the highest productivity and is optimally tailored to Bystronic machine systems. ByVision ensures, as no other controller can, that the features of the machine system are used optimally.

Customer benefits

  • Flexible high-performance controller for more productivity and profitability
  • Intuitive operator guidance via touch screen
  • An integrated maintenance schedule for the machines ensures their optimal availability
  • Fast transfer rates
  • Tools for troubleshooting
  • Can be switched to many languages
  • Bending programs can be created in the blink of an eye

ByVision Bending

BySoft 7 Maintenance 

24/7 Online access to BySoft 7 software and documentation:

  • Download of new BySoft 7 releases
  • Video tutorials
  • Questions and answers

BySoft 7 Maintenance

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