Laser Cutting Systems

Laser Cutting System BySprint Fiber

Cuts faster, saves energy and relies on fiber technology


Laser cutting system BySprint Fiber

Cuts faster, saves energy and relies on fiber technology

Customer benefits

  • Also available in 3015 and 4020 designs. This means that even 4 x 2 m sheet metal can be processed quickly and economically
  • Unparalleled high parts production and first-class cutting quality depending on laser power for thin to medium-thick sheet metal
  • The fiber laser’s good energy efficiency means very low power consumption
  • Low operating costs since minimal energy is used and no laser gas is required
  • High flexibility. Even non-ferrous metals can be easily processed in excellent quality
  • Compact design means minimal floor space

Key technical values

BySprint Fiber 3015 BySprint Fiber 4020
Nominal sheet size 3000 x 1500 mm 4000 x 2000 mm
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 140 m/min 140 m/min
Maximum axis acceleration 12 m/s2 12 m/s2
Operation with touch screen and manual control unit yes yes

Versatile Fiber Laser

Up to 4 kilowatts laser power – in either the 3015 or 4020 format:
Bystronic has developed the BySprint Fiber into a complete product
line. Two users from Finland and two from Italy report on their
experience with the various versions.

(From: BystronicWorld 2, 2013) 

Sami Mäki, Managing Director of Laserkeskus Oy in Finland,

Cutting Steel on the Bosporus

In 2004, Tufan Demir Çelik A.S. was the first Turkish company to buy a laser cutting machine from Bystronic. Now the company has put a BySprint Fiber 3015 laser cutting machine into service.

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(From: BystronicWorld 1, 2013)

Ihsan and Sinan Danacioğlu: The BySprint Fiber has even exceeded our expectations.

Tested, approved, and bought

If the Italian job shop FRACM is to be believed, then the fiber laser cutting system BySprint Fiber is the ideal thin sheet metal processing machine. And those responsible at FRACM should know: they thoroughly tested the system for six months. A report.

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(BystronicWorld 2, 2011)

Odino Reggiani: The system cuts extraordinarily quickly and precisely.
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