Seize the opportunity with this unbeatable BySprint Fiber Laser Best Choice Deal!

Whatever the future of cutting holds, the newest generation  BySprint Fiber laser cutting machine with extended performance package and new design offers everything you need to gain a competitive advantage in sheet metal fabricating.   This unbeatable Best Choice Deal includes the new 6kW BySprint Fiber with a larger operator touch screen panel, a full range of cutting technology and comprehensive machine features, AND the following powerful additional functions. For users, this means: more performance NO ADDITIONAL COST.   

--Detection Eye supports users during the cutting preparations, recognizing the precise location of sheet metal edges within a few seconds, allowing set-up time to be reduced by up to 17 seconds - with EVERY sheet. In addition, the high-precision measurement ensures precise cutting results right to the outermost edges of the metal sheet. 

--Power Cut Fiber increases the cutting spectrum of the 6 kW BySprint Fiber, enabling extremely fine cutting quality with sheet metal thicknesses up to 1.180 inch. Power Cut Fiber also increases the range of thicknesses that can be processed with applications in non-ferrous metals, stainless, and mild steel.   

--Observer  uses web-enabled devices, such as notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, Observer makes it possible to access information about the production processes of the BySprint Fiber regardless of time and location. Orders can be calculated reliably and efficiently, unscheduled idle time can be minimized and deviations from the planned time per part can be reduced.

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BySprint Fiber 3015 accommodates sheet sizes up to 5' x 10'
BySprint Fiber 4020 accommodates sheet sizes up to 6.5’ x 13’
BySprint Fiber 6520 accommodates sheet sizes up to 6.5' x 21'
BySprint Fiber 6520 accommodates sheet sizes up to 6.5' x 21'
BySprint Fiber 8020 accommodates sheet sizes up to 6.5' x 26'
Fiber Warranty Premium
Fiber Warranty Premium
Fiber Warranty Premium
Fiber Warranty Premium

The Fibernomics Advantage in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fibernomics Means Greater Profit and Earnings Potential   

Fibernomics isn’t just the economics of owning a fiber laser, but the overall economic advantage that is created when all of the pull and push demands are satisfied to meet the production capabilities of the fiber laser as well. It’s no longer how a single piece of machinery will affect the fabrication process, but how all the machines and supporting software technologies work together to create a cohesive and effective fabrication business solution.

The company behind the technology is as important as the technology itself. 

Bystronic recognizes manufacturing excellence is not just about the machine; it’s also about the company. A leader in the machine tool industry, we bring an extensive history in the manufacture of quality machine products with proven machine performance to the market. Bystronic delivers The Ultimate Fiber Experience with:

  • Dedicated training and applications teams
  • Dedicated service and laser application hotlines
  • Nationwide factory service network for local support
  • Regional service managers ensuring local customer satisfaction  

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