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BySprint Fiber 3015

Speedy laser cutting system with high-tech fiber laser for the economical processing of thin sheet metal

BySprint Fiber

Customer benefit

  • Unprecedented parts output in the thin-sheet-metal range thanks to high-tech fiber laser combined with mature machine technology.
  • Highest energy efficiency and the simplest of beam paths lead to low operating and servicing costs.
  • Flexibility in the thin-sheet-metal range; even non-ferrous metals can be cut.
  • Optimal access and highest safety combined with an attractive design.
  • Minimal space requirement
Laser sources (power)2000 W, 3000 W
Cutting range3048 x 1524 mm
Maximum axis acceleration12 m/s2
Maximum positioning speed parallel to the axis100 m/min
Maximum positioning speed simultaneous140 m/min
Machine size
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