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Bystronic dans la presse spécialisée

August 2008

ISMR: Focus on Press Brakes & Folders

Which One is the Right One?

When choosing a press brake, you can either hope for a lucky strike or make an informed decision based on clear criteria. Her is a brief guideline to use for a successful investment.

Author: Martin Engel, Bystronic

A company that intends to invest in a new press brake is basically in an advantageous position since the market offers a wide range of different systems. However, experience shows that, in such a situation, it is not always easy to see the 'wood for tress'.
The ideal approach puts the analysis of one's own requirements at the centre of the decision process; after all, the cheapest solution that subsequently does not permit significant orders to be processed can turn out to be an expensive mistake. (...)

Asking the right questions

The decision to purchase a particular press brake should be based on four basic questions. The first relates to the precision with which the system works. (...)
The second question is: "How flexible does the new machine have to be?" (...)
With question number three, the objective is to determine the capacity and size of the system. (...) Question four does not relate directly to the machine itself but rather to the decision process.If you do not want to comb through the whole of the market yourself, then focusing on just one, or at least on just a few manufacturers is an alternative.
To read the entire text, please use the download button.

The original story was published in the „ISMR" July/Aug 2008.
Which One is the Right One?
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