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Innovation is the driver of high performance manufacturing and the key to competitive differentiation. It can be found at the core of every company that desires to compete, survive and flourish. Innovation is at the core of all Bystronic solutions.

As Fiber lasers continue to expand to higher power thresholds, one of the key performance factors is the ability to harness the speed benefits from the higher laser power through improved machine performance capabilities. At the core of the improved machine performance is the ability of the motion system to respond without compromises to the speed requirements from the higher laser power, and the ability of the motion system to maintain its accuracy and rigidity even with changes in direction while cutting at high speeds. To facilitate speed, the ByStar Fiber laser cutting machine employs a linear drive motion system for both X and Y axes that removes any mechanical limitations from the drive system.

Innovative Cutting Bridge Design
One of the keys to achieving exceptional acceleration dynamics is reducing weight while increasing rigidity. Bystronic’s innovative triangle cutting bridge on the new ByStar Fiber provides both. The triangle cutting bridge design enables the ByStar Fiber to take full advantage of the increased speeds generated by the high fiber laser powers and the linear drives, while maintaining axis rigidity during accelerations.  The triangle shape enables a 40% increase in acceleration over square profile designs, a 60% increase in torsional rigidity and a 25% reduction in overall profile weight. 

Additional innovations include a large front side access door that allows the operators full access to the cutting table from the side and the Detection Eye edge detection camera system that accurately finds the edges of the sheet within seconds.  

ByVision Cutting
The Bystronic ByVision Cutting control interface with full 22” HD touch screen intuitively guides the operators through the operation process, and since its touch screen interface is like modern smart phones and tablet interfaces, it enables operators to quickly and intuitively learn the control interface.  

The Cutting Head
Harnessing the full laser power and focusing it accurately on to the work piece for each material type is the function of one of the most important elements of a Fiber laser cutting system, the cutting head. The Bystronic engineered cutting head not only has the capability to automatically focus for each material type and thickness, but also regulates the cutting beam diameter. Regulating the size of the focused beam enables the thinner materials to be cut with a narrow beam and the thicker materials to be cut with a wider beam, improving speeds and overall edge finish.

ByStar Fiber with Fiber 6000 laser source

The ByStar Fiber laser cutting machine is available with either Fiber 3000, Fiber 4000, Fiber 6000, Fiber 8000 or Fiber 10000 laser source. (Shown: Fiber 6000 laser source)

patented triangle cutting bridge design

The triangle cutting bridge design enables the ByStar Fiber to take full advantage of the increased speeds generated by the high fiber laser powers.

With Power Cut fabricators can realize high parts output

With Power Cut fabricators can realize thick part material cutting up to 1.180-in. stainless and aluminum. (available with 6kW - 10kW laser power source)


The ByStar 10kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: Designed for Laser. Unrivaled for Speed.

ByStar Fiber 10kW video      ByStar Fiber 10kW Datasheet PDF      Laser Cutting Catalog PDF


ByStar 10 kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Customer Benefits:

  • Highest parts output and premium cutting quality through all materials and sheet thicknesses
  • High machine dynamics and high process reliability ensures high parts output
  • New z-axis design provides 240% higher acceleration
  • Linear drive X,Y motion for extreme cutting speeds
  • 20% faster shuttle table change over time
  • Intuitive ByVision Cutting user interface with 22-in full HD touch-screen
    provides maximum operating convenience and transparent process control with a few swipes of the finger
  • Unrestricted access to the cutting area (from the machine’s long side) for easy material handling
  • Detection Eye camera detects sheet edges within a few seconds
  • Automatic nozzle changer for higher productivity
  • Edge quality that requires no secondary operations
  • Low operating costs due to minimal energy consumption and less maintenance
  • Ready to cut immediately without start-up time

Innovation is at the core of the ByStar Fiber – 100% designed for fiber laser cutting, without compromises -- for users who will in the future cut their entire range of orders using fiber laser technology. High cutting dynamics, thin to thick cutting capabilities, seamless automation solutions, intelligent sensor technology and integration into modern software systems – it’s all possible with the NEW high performance ByStar Fiber laser cutting machine.

About Fiber laser technology

Fiber lasers are the newest development in laser cutting. They use a monolithic fiber-to-fiber design that eliminates the need for optics, laser gases and gas turbines found in traditional CO2 lasers. They are significantly more efficient than CO2 lasers, generating twice as much power from half of the electrical input power. 

The economic benefit of the Fiber laser includes utilizing processing speeds that are two to five times faster than CO2 laser while using only half of the operating cost.


Choose Bystronic for all your precision Fiber laser cutting needs.

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